Dynamic Features

edit & update with ease

Utilizing WordPress’ unique custom post structure, Voyeur makes it simple to update your website’s various features. No coding or technological literacy required!

Keeping your loyal fanbase updated with your upcoming availability or touring plans has never been easier. Voyeur offers 2 user friendly options to best suit your needs.


Update your schedule using an simple calendar from your website dashboard.


Connect a specific calendar using Google API to update your schedule with Google Calendar.

Sowing the seeds of a good idea is a perfect way to increase your number of extended bookings. Take the guess work out of the process by suggesting your favourite activities or listing your bucket list items.

Add Images

Pique interest with eye-catching photos of your ideas in a carousel or grid that will greatly increase visitor engagement.

Add Links

Directly link your audience to your listed items for reservation ease, and boost your search engine optimization with external links.

Add Filters

Organize and sort your ideas with categories and tags to provide your audience with the easiest & most informative experience possible.

Having a duo partner directory saves time by avoiding the back and forth emailing on selecting a third. Plus, you and your friends can help boost each others SEO rankings by cross linking to each other’s sites. Easily add information like their locations, photos, and social media / website links.

Grid Layout

Display your play partners in an eye catching grid or masonry layout. You can also add helpful filters like location to efficiently assist your client in their selection.

Content Slider

A great visually appealing option for those with just a few people to list. Allow your visitors to manually scroll or have the slideshow loop and auto-play.

Display your glowing accolades for the world to see. Easily add links to external review sites, or post the content fully on your website.

Grid Layout

If you have a lot of reviews or the individual reviews are longer in length, a grid layout is a great way to display many items that they can click on to read in full.

Content Slider

Share short excerpts with an external link option, or post full content if it's only a few sentences. The slider can be manually scrolled through and/or automatically play a slide show.

You can’t receive if you don’t ask, so integrating a easy-to-use wishlist is a must for any companion. Add an item image, the name, any size/colour info, and a direct link to where they can purchase it. Simple, right? 


Display your items in category organized vertical accordion sliders to neatly organize all your desired wishes.


Use category tabs that either open vertically or horizontally to display your submitted items.

The feature you’re using right now to read this is an example of an accordion content feature. Display a lot of information on a single page without overwhelming the design with too much text. On responsive devices or long pages, the accordion will automatically scroll to the top of the content for the best user experience.

Blog posts are a great way to drive more traffic to your site and improve your SEO ranking, on top of giving your clients a more in depth view of your personality. Use your blog to share your thoughts, guides for clients, or any upcoming local events that you may like to be a plus one for.

Add an extra visual pop to your website by creating a full page navigation menu with a photo background. This is a great idea for sites with many pages or drop down menus in their navigation. 

Displaying your gorgeous media is probably the most important factor in having a website. Voyeur offers multiple photo gallery options from basic to advanced, including media carousels and slide shows. Or, if you have a video you’d like to share with the world, embed it right into the background of a page or section with various autoplay or manual settings.

One page layouts are a sleek way to display a small amount of information for basic sites or providers new to the industry. This variation of layout is only available for the BRONZE PACKAGE.

Similar to accordions, tabbed content sections are another option for condensing a lot of information into a visually appealing compact manner. You can see an example of tabbed content on my DESIGN PAGE.

Layouts & Sections

display your content

Beautiful photos are only half of the equation when it comes to aesthetic web design. Share your information in fun & interactive manners to better engage your potential client base.

Marketing & SEO

Modern advertising solutions

In the age of social media and advertisement uncertainty, ensure that you reach your target audience by boosting your site with the some of WordPress & Elementor’s most advanced professional level plugins.

Draw attention to important pages on your website, influence them to subscribe to your newsletter, or direct them to follow you on social media. 

Add a password protected members only page to your site to display your VIP content in a secure and simple manner. Easily rotate and change the passwords as your heart desires.

Reach a larger global or local audience by making your site accessible in multiple languages. Please note, there is a 20% package surcharge for multilingual sites as it will increase the page count.

Easily manage multiple newsletter lists for any purpose your heart desires. Integrate a sleek popup for visitor subscription and build visually attractive newsletters using a simple user friendly newsletter generator. Start from scratch or connect an existing newsletter service.

Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors in building a modern and effective website. While it may be daunting, Voyeur includes access to SMARTCRAWL PRO and all it’s extensive features/tutorials to make adding keywords, meta descriptions, titles, and social media cards the easiest experience possible (even for absolute beginners).

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